Wrongful Death Lawyers

We know in our hearts that nothing can take away the sadness and grief of losing a loved one


Carlifonia law recognizes wrongful death as “the death of a person from the wrongful act or neglect of another.” In the case of a wrongful death, the surviving family may be able to recover compensation for their losses and the suffering of their loved one.

Examples of Wrongful Death

At Karns and Karns, we have helped families dealing with the loss of a loved one for numerous reasons. Some examples of wrongful death cases that are common include:

  • Auto accidents caused by a drunk driver
  • A hit and run accident where the driver flees instead of rendering aid
  • An auto accident caused by a distracted driver
  • A doctor failing to diagnose a medical condition
  • A product manufacturer distributing a defective product

In any of these examples, the death could have been prevented had the responsible party not acted in the way that he or she did.

Wrongful Death Claims


If your family has experienced a loss for any of these or other similar reasons, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim. You must be able to prove:

  • The death was the result of the defendant’s conduct
  • The defendant was negligent in his or her duty of care to the deceased
  • There is a surviving spouse, partner or children
  • The death caused monetary damages

At Karns and Karns, we can help you prove your claim and get the compensation your family deserves so you can move forward without fear of financial instability.

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