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Why You Need an Attorney After a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Nevada

Being involved in any car accident is a traumatic experience, but multi-vehicle accidents involving three or more cars carry even greater challenges. More vehicles means more injured victims, higher insurance claims, and a greater need for legal help to protect your rights.

If you or a passenger have suffered injuries in a Nevada pile-up or other accident involving multiple autos, hiring an experienced personal injury accident attorney is highly advised. Here’s why.

Navigating Complex Legal Issues

Multi-vehicle wrecks lead to complex legal situations with insurance claims, liability disputes, and injury lawsuits. Nevada accident law recognizes that blame may be shared in these incidents. A personal injury attorney understands liability laws and can build the strongest case for recovering your damages. With multiple parties involved, determining fault percentages that accurately reflect each driver’s or entity’s share of responsibility for the injuries caused can be extremely complicated.

A skilled accident injury lawyer will know how to investigate the accident thoroughly to gather the necessary evidence regarding each party’s role in the incident, negotiate effectively with insurance companies on your behalf, and determine fault percentages that are fair and will maximize your injury claim settlement amount.

Investigating the Accident

A lawyer from Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys will launch an independent probe beyond the official police report to uncover facts. By interviewing witnesses, examining debris fields, studying damage, gaining accident reconstruction expertise, and collecting photographic and video evidence from the scene, the attorney builds strong evidence to show exactly how the crash occurred and the roles each driver played.

An experienced road accident attorney will know what important details to look for and how to piece together factual evidence in a persuasive manner that convinces insurance adjusters and judges or juries of each party’s share of liability.

Pinning Down All Liable Parties

While police reports may identify one or two drivers who caused the initial collision, your attorney digs deeper to uncover all those who contributed.

  • Were road defects or impaired drivers at fault?
  • Did vehicle defects like failed brakes or accelerator issues play a role?
  • What about problems with traffic signals, signage, or road construction areas?

Even poor weather conditions and municipality failure to treat icy roads could potentially represent a liable party. An experienced vehicle accident lawyer uncovers ALL potentially liable individuals, corporations, municipalities, or other entities. With multi-vehicle accidents, all possibilities must be thoroughly explored.

Handling Negotiations

Insurers quickly get involved after multi-car crashes, trying to settle injury claims cheaply and close files fast. Without experienced legal advice, you may accept an offer that’s pennies on the dollar for what you deserve. Insurance companies know most victims do not fully understand Nevada laws regarding pain and suffering damages, punitive awards, modifier calculations, and other critical injury claim concepts. They use this lack of knowledge to take advantage of unrepresented victims.

An attorney levels the playing field in the negotiation process. Skilled negotiators maximize settlement amounts by conveying a willingness to take the case to trial if needed, presenting persuasive evidence, utilizing advanced negotiation tactics, and leveraging their reputation to show insurers they mean business.

Help Determining Fault Percentages

One thorny issue in multi-vehicle wrecks is assigning accurate fault percentages to each responsible party. This is critical, as it translates directly into the amount of damages you may be eligible to recover. The fault allocation also affects how insurers share in covering the losses. The attorney thoroughly investigates and advocates for fair liability shares aligned with each driver’s actual role in causing injuries. Fighting against insurer bias and misconceptions regarding fault and causation is key. Accurate assignment of fault percentages translates directly into higher injury settlements.

Filing an Injury Lawsuit

Sometimes settlement offers don’t adequately compensate accident victims who suffered severe injuries involving huge medical bills, lost wages from missed work, permanent disabilities, loss of enjoyment of life, and other substantial damages. When insurers refuse to negotiate fairly, a lawsuit becomes necessary.

An experienced injury litigation attorney from Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys can build a compelling case presentation detailing both economic and non-economic damages in a way that convinces a jury or judge to order the at-fault parties to pay. Your lawyer handles this complex legal process from start to finish, including choosing the proper venue, preparing witnesses, gathering medical evidence, retaining experts, estimating future losses, and skillfully trying the case in court if needed to maximize your injury claim value.

Expert Witnesses

Proving damages in a multi-vehicle injury lawsuit often requires expert testimony from accident reconstructionists, doctors, vocational experts, financial analysts, and other professionals who can accurately portray the true extent of both economic and non-economic losses suffered. Reputable expert witnesses can strengthen the case substantially but also represent a significant litigation cost. Your attorney coordinates retaining the right experts, prepares them thoroughly for deposition questioning, and arranges clear expert testimony that resonates with judges and juries.

An Experienced Litigator is Critical

An automobile accident lawyer who has handled previous multi-vehicle injury claims understands the intricacies of these cases, from applying Nevada’s comparative fault rules to negotiating collectively with multiple insurers. Finding a law firm partner or lawyer lacking multi-vehicle accident litigation experience could severely hurt your chances of an optimal legal outcome. Verify your lawyer’s expertise in this niche area of personal injury law by asking questions and checking case histories. Don’t trust your complex injury claim to a lawyer still building skills.

Sufficient Legal Resources

Recovering maximum damages requires a coordinated legal team effort, including paralegals, legal nurses, investigators and support staff. Winning these challenging cases also requires substantial financial resources to fund litigation costs over months or even years. Verify in advance what resources the attorney can dedicate to your case if needed, rather than waiting until later to find out a bare-bones legal effort is all you’ll receive. The lawyer you ultimately choose should demonstrate sufficient resources to build the strongest claim presentation possible, which is why you need to work with Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys.

Don’t Delay Getting Legal Help

Crash victims sometimes wait weeks or months before contacting a lawyer, hindering their ability to build a strong legal case. Immediate attorney involvement lets the investigation start right away while the facts are still fresh. Witnesses can be promptly interviewed, critical evidence preserved, and the lawyer can ensure the victim gets appropriate medical diagnostics and treatments related to the crash. The clock is ticking on the statute of limitations too, which set strict deadlines for taking legal action.

Avoid unnecessary delays in speaking with an attorney after any significant accident. Contact Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys today.