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What Are Truck Accident Settlements Worth in Irving, Texas?

Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries with expensive medical bills and lost income. If a truck driver or trucking company was negligent and caused your accident in Irving, Texas, you may be entitled to significant compensation through a truck accident settlement or verdict. This article will discuss how truck accident settlements work, the factors that determine settlement value, and when you may need to file a lawsuit and go to trial.

Causes of Truck Accidents in Irving

Truck drivers and trucking companies have a duty to operate their large commercial vehicles safely and prevent endangering others on the road. Unfortunately, violations of federal regulations and simple driver errors often lead to catastrophic truck crashes in Irving and throughout Texas. Some common causes include:

  • Driver fatigue or falling asleep at the wheel
  • Speeding or driving too fast for the conditions
  • Distracted or reckless driving
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Improper loading leading to shifted cargo
  • Poor truck maintenance and defective parts
  • Company policies that pressure drivers into unsafe practices

Truck accident settlements or verdicts aim to compensate the innocent victims of these preventable truck crashes. The amounts depend on the severity of injuries, medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Factors That Determine Truck Accident Settlement Value

No two truck accident claims are alike when it comes to settlement value. A number of important factors determine how much compensation trucking companies end up paying in both pre-lawsuit settlements and jury verdicts after a trial. Key factors in a commercial vehicle accident settlement Irving, Texas include:

  • Liability and negligence – Strong evidence the truck driver or company was at fault often leads to higher payouts, as it’s clear who should pay for damages. Weak liability can lower value.
  • Severity of injuries – More severe injuries that result in permanent disabilities or disfigurement warrant higher payouts than minor soft tissue injuries. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage often result in multi-million dollar verdicts.
  • Age of victim – Younger victims have longer lifespans so damages like lost income and medical expenses accumulate over time. Older victims generally receive lower settlements.
  • Insurance coverage – Trucking companies are required to carry high liability limits of $1 million or more. Larger policies mean more money available to victims. Low limits may require additional claims against other policies.
  • Location of crash – Some jurisdictions are seen as more favorable for plaintiffs in truck accident cases. Crashes in those areas may yield higher settlements.
  • Defendant’s financial resources – Larger trucking companies have more resources to pay substantial claim settlements. Smaller companies may only be able to pay policy limits.
  • Skill of attorney – Experienced commercial truck accident lawyers Irving, Texas know how to maximize case value through expert witnesses, evidence gathering, negotiations, and trial presentation if necessary. An unskilled lawyer often leads to lower settlements.
  • Contributory negligence – If the plaintiff was partially at fault for the accident, damages awards and settlements may be reduced by their percentage of fault.
  • Willingness to settle – Some trucking insurance companies are open to reasonable pre-lawsuit settlements. Others refuse to offer fair amounts, forcing victims to pursue jury verdicts at trial.

Your specific circumstances surrounding the truck accident and injuries will help determine where your potential settlement may fall within a wide range.  All of the unique aspects of your accident and claim will impact the potential value. Commercial truck accident attorneys Irving, Texas can help determine a fair truck accident settlement demand.

When Truck Accident Claims Go to Trial

In many truck injury cases, victims can reach reasonable settlements with the trucking company’s insurer before a lawsuit is filed. However, some claims cannot be settled out of court. Reasons for going to trial include:

  • Disagreements over liability and who’s at fault
  • Refusal by the insurer to make a fair settlement offer
  • Parties too far apart in settlement negotiations
  • Need to question witnesses and establish facts
  • Desire to have a jury determine appropriate damages

Truck accident trials allow the plaintiff’s attorney to present evidence, witnesses, expert testimony, and full details of the crash and injuries. Trucking company defendants also get to argue their side. The jury will then determine liability and damages after deliberation.

While trials are unpredictable, jury verdicts are often significantly higher than pre-trial settlement offers. However, they take more time and effort than settling. An attorney can advise you on the likelihood of success at trial versus potential settlement value.

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