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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Nevada

According to the National Safety Council, car accidents cost the United States over $400 billion in injuries and damages in 2021. When you are involved in an accident, the costs can be incredibly high. If you are lucky, the at-fault party will accept liability and provide a settlement. However, this rarely happens and you have to fight for fair compensation. Hiring the best car accident lawyer in Nevada to handle your personal injury case ensures you get the highest compensation possible that can cover all damages, including medical and rehabilitation costs.

So, how do you find the best vehicle accident lawyer in Nevada?

Find a Car Accident Attorney

Personal injury is very broad, encompassing everything from property liability and construction accidents to automotive accidents. When hiring an attorney, you need to ensure they specialize in or at least have experience handling car accident claims and lawsuits.

The best car accident attorneys post cases they have been involved in or won on their websites, and you can go through these resources to see if they have handled cases that are similar to yours.

Do understand that some car accident lawyers in Nevada also handle commercial truck accident claims, so they may be better suited to your case if it involves a truck.

Check Their Trial Experience

Successful car accident claims require that the other party believes that you will win if you take the case to court. Why would they believe this if the automobile accident lawyer you hire does not have a history of winning in court?

When researching car accident lawyers, check their trial experience and success rates. Ensure they have won at least one case. The irony of these types of lawsuits is that you are more likely to get a great settlement if you do not go to court.

In addition to checking online and their website, ask your attorney about their experience with trials and their willingness to go through with a suit if that becomes necessary. While they are great negotiators and will do everything they can to get you the best settlement, the attorneys at Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys are willing to go to court if the situation demands it. These are the types of lawyers you want by your side.

Check for Compatibility During the Initial Consultation

While you want an attorney who will win, get you the best compensation, or reach a settlement quickly, you should also be able to work and get along with them. Personality aside, you should check their communication style. You want them to communicate regularly with you so that you know what is happening at every stage.

They should also be willing to explain complex legal jargon and procedures. It might take a few minutes for them to do so, but these explanations will go a long way in helping you understand and follow along with what is going on.

You also want them to be empathetic so that they understand your situation better. This is the only way for them to put themselves in your situation so they can push even harder for the highest settlement or compensation possible.

Read Online Reviews

Once you have checked that the car accident injury lawyer you are considering has no disciplinary record and is in good standing, it is time to dig further by looking for online reviews. These days, there are numerous platforms where people can leave reviews of the professional services they have received, including from road traffic accident lawyers.

Reviews give you two important pieces of information. The first is how the attorney and their law firm handle cases and how they have done so in the past. The second is how they treat their clients.

When reading road accident lawyer reviews, always remember that people tend to leave them on the extremes. This means most reviews will be overwhelmingly positive or negative. Try to find ones that provide a balance so you have a better, nuanced view of the attorney and their firm.

Check the Attorney’s Fees

The best car accident attorneys in Nevada work on a contingency. What does this mean? This means you do not pay if they do not win, it’s as simple as that. The initial consultation is free and there is no upfront cost. The attorney will also handle all costs associated with your case until it is over.

The lawyer gets a pre-arranged percentage if they win your case. They deduct this and all associated costs from the final compensation and transfer everything else to you.

Contingency arrangements put you and the car accident injury lawyer on the same side. They are also more likely to work harder to ensure a win because they only get paid if they are compensated. An added benefit of this arrangement is that there is little upfront risk and stress for you. You do not have to worry about affording an attorney, which is common in car accident suits because the injured party is already paying for treatment and other things.

Ask About Availability

Your attorney should be available as much as possible at reasonable office hours. Many attorneys ensure their offices are available 24/7 so you can always find someone to answer your questions. However, your attorney should get back to you in a few hours if you leave a message. Yes, they may be busy handling other cases, but yours needs attention too.

Do understand that even if your attorney should be reasonably available, they have other things to deal with and you should be patient if you cannot get in touch with them immediately. If you need an update, an assistant or paralegal will give you one. If you need to talk to the attorney in person, setting an appointment will work best.

While an attorney cannot give you a guarantee about the outcome of a car accident claim process, the best motor vehicle accident lawyers will do their best to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries and damages. Hiring the right lawyer does not have to be complicated, though, since the right research and talking to different attorneys can help you find one that will give you the best outcome. If you have been involved in an accident, you can reach out to our attorneys Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys for a free consultation and to discuss your case.