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Texas Car Accident Stats In 2023 – How Many Accidents?!

According to the latest statistics, about 1000 people moved to the state of Texas every day in 2023. The result is even more drivers, further congesting the over 200,000 miles of roads that crisscross the state. Even though state officials and the transportation department have invested billions of dollars in reducing the number of accidents on Texas roads, it has been over 23 years since a day passed without an accident occurring in the vast state. With the state adopting a Road to Zero plan, how did it perform in the past year?

Key Takeaways and Overviews

Putting together data from different bodies and the Texas Department of Transportation provides us with insights from which we can pluck a few key takeaways.

Houston had the highest total number of accidents in the state in 2023. The number were close to 66,000 accidents, which is understandable considering the city is a high-traffic urban area.

Another important takeaway is that San Antonio had the highest accident rate in the state. It had 2,743 accidents per 100,000 people, indicating that the area could be facing significant road safety challenges. San Antonio residents are more likely to get in car accidents than residents of other areas and cities. If you are ever involved in one, you should contact a vehicle accident lawyer immediately so they can help you navigate avoiding liability to protect yourself and what to do to build a strong personal injury lawsuit in case you need to file.

Dallas had the highest injury accidents at 9,728, further emphasizing the need for additional safety measures in the city. Austin, on the other hand, had the lowest fatal accident rate of 0.009% per 100,000 people. This could mean that the area has very safe roads, or its emergency response teams are doing a great job.

The 2023 weekend traffic trends for Texas are a little confusing. Friday has the highest number of traffic accidents and Sunday has the least. However, Sunday had a disproportionately high number of fatal accidents. While these trends indicate more people are on the roads on Friday, they highlight a particular risk for Sundays.

Statewide Accident Statistics for 2023

There were about 3,400 more accidents in Texas in 2023 than there were in 2022. In a state with over 30.5 million people, that increase is not as alarming as it would be in states with a smaller population. Statistically, it is a 1% increase in the total number of crashes.

Breaking down the total number of accidents in the state, there were 1,530 accidents per day, 46,600 accidents per month, and about 10,800 accidents per week in the state in 2023.

Why Does Texas Have So Many Accidents?

We can attribute the number of accidents in Texas to how many people live in the state. More people in one area, especially around the cities and urban areas, means an increased likelihood of traffic accidents. Even though some of these can be light accidents, some are serious enough to necessitate that the victim consults an automobile accident lawyer to seek compensation for damages after the fact.

Another reason for such a high number of accidents is the number of drunk drivers on Texas roads. Drunk driving accidents have been a problem in Texas for decades. In 2023, about 3,600 people died in alcohol-related fatal accidents. While this number is high, it is still lower than the over 4,700 people who died in similar accidents in the previous year. The 25% reduction in alcohol-related accident fatalities is a welcome statistic for anyone who lives in the state.

Another commonly cited reason is speeding. According to different sources, 23-26% of all car crashes in Texas in 2023 can be attributed to speeding or driving at a speed unsafe for a specific road’s conditions. Motor vehicle accident lawyers who deal with the victims of these crashes say that many people report speeding unintentionally when driving on the state’s freeways.

Ignoring Important Indicators

Roads have signs for several reasons, the most important being to control the actions of drivers and keep everyone safe. Important indicators like traffic lights slow down vehicles and give others a right of way. However, some drivers ignore these indicators and speed past them, thereby increasing the risk of accidents.

The Texas Department of Transportation says that about 10% of traffic accidents in the state were due to a driver ignoring special indicators, including red lights and stop signs. The issue becomes even more concerning when you realize that many of these drivers break the rules while distracted or rushing.

Unsafe Lane Usage

Every department of transportation in the United States has rules on how to use lanes in its driver’s manual and teaching material. Despite this, about 7% of accidents in Texas in 2023 involved drivers who were not driving in a single lane. There are several reasons why this could happen, including being distracted or tired behind the wheel.

A similar number of drivers got into an accident due to unsafe lane changes. While some of them ran other motorists out of the lane, others were involved in head-on collisions due to a lack of space to maneuver. Any motorists who are forced off the road or injured due to such negligent actions should seek compensation. A road accident lawyer Texas will examine the circumstances that led to the accident and the other driver’s actions and help you put together a lawsuit so you can get the compensation you deserve.


Tailgating is following the vehicle in front of you too closely. Many drivers do this because they are in a hurry or are in a congested area and feel the need to close the distance between them and the vehicle ahead of them. Tailgating caused about 900 accidents in the state in 2023.

The number of traffic accidents in Texas has remained relatively steady in the last few years, with the number of some types of car accidents decreasing in the past year. Looking at the total number of accidents shows various interesting trends that point to a positive future, but the total number of accidents remains high enough to be alarming.

If you are unlucky enough to have been involved in an accident on Texas’ roads, contact Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys today.