Electric Bike Accidents: What to Do Next

Electric bikes are a highly convenient mode of transport. However, they are still as dangerous as any other vehicle out there because they carry similar risks. If you have been involved in an accident because of an electric bike or while riding one, this guide is for you. Here is some information about what happens next and what you need to do.

Defining Electric Bikes

An electric bike is similar to a non-motorized bicycle, except it has a power source attached. This makes them faster, stronger, and more adept at navigating busy roads. Most models are equipped with a battery that charges up as the person riding it travels around. There are three distinct types of electric bikes including class 1, class 2, and class 3. The categories are determined by speed capacity, with class 1 being the lowest speed and class 3 being the highest. The top speed of a class 3 bike is typically just under 30mph. If you are unclear about what kind of bike you have, check your user guide.

Californian Laws and Regulations About Electric Bikes

These types of bikes are expected to travel on designated cycle pathways unless it is a class 3. In this case, a rider is permitted to cycle alongside traffic on the main highways and so on in California. The laws also state that anyone riding this kind of cycle must wear a helmet, specifically those under the age of 18. This is a protective measure and must be respected in the right way. For example, the helmet has to be of a certain caliber and sufficient enough to provide the proper protection for the rider.

How to Proceed After an Electric Bike Accident

When an accident occurs, and an electric bike is involved, you may be wondering what you can do about it. Whether you are a rider, a pedestrian, or another road user, there are rules and protocols to follow. One thing is for certain, having an experienced personal injury law firm by your side is a smart move.

Call an Ambulance

Once you have found a safe spot, you must always phone for medical support. Alongside the police, these are key people to have on the scene. They will make sure you are not medically at risk and help everyone get the support they need.

Identify Witnesses

Given the nature of electric bikes, there are bound to be a few witnesses around the area. They may have captured footage on their phone or remember key bits of information that you missed because you were involved in the crash. These are the people to talk to next because they could just be the difference between filing a successful insurance or personal injury claim and not.

Take Your Own Pictures

Try not to rely on other people when it comes to gathering picture evidence. Your photos will be the best source for confirming the events of the day, and you won’t lose them or tamper with the evidence in any way. If you believe you were the victim, and exempt from liability, having concrete photographic accounts of the injuries, damage, and scene is extremely beneficial. It will either support or deny your statement. The most useful things to take pictures of include,

  • Your bike or the other person’s
  • Any injuries from the time of the crash
  • The other vehicles involved
  • The road around you

Contact Our Team

Next, it is time to get in touch with Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys. A bike accident attorney from our team will help you to determine the facts, map out compensation routes, and deal with the required administration from insurance companies too. This level of support is a blessing during vulnerable moments such as these where you may lack the necessary legal knowledge to file a claim successfully.

Are Electric Bike Accidents Dangerous?

Electric bike accidents are undeniably dangerous events. There are so many ways that these incidents can cause grave injuries and mental trauma for anyone involved. Riders are vulnerable because they are nowhere near as shielded as other road users like car drivers, and their bikes are not as strong or substantial as other types of vehicles.

Common Injuries

There is a long list of common injuries associated with this kind of accident. While some people walk away with minor bruising or fractures, it is more often the case that serious physical consequences take place. You could experience

  • A traumatic brain injury
  • Spine injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Lacerations
  • Burns

Any of this category of injury is enough to put you out of action for a significant period. You might be forced to spend a lot of time in medical settings while you recover, and there is also the mental health aftermath to consider too.

The Most Noticeable Causes of Electric Bike Accidents

What makes these accidents so common? Lots of things! These are the most frequent reasons electric bikes get into trouble on the roads.


Any kind of change in weather or adverse conditions can cause a collision. Rain, ice, sleet, fog, or even bright sunshine is all it takes for a rider to lose control and crash into someone or something.


Given the nature of these vehicles, they are highly appealing to people who don’t drive standard cars. This means, there are a lot of inexperienced riders out there on the roads with a whole lot of power behind them. This can lead to a number of poor decisions, faulty judgment calls, and general dangerous thinking while riding along.

Drunk Driving

Driving drunk is never legal, and very dangerous. It impairs judgment, makes it difficult to operate safely, and puts you and everyone else at risk.

Electric bikes, while fun and convenient, are not toys. They are serious vehicles that ride on the same roads as cars and in the same environment as pedestrians. This means anyone in charge of one needs to understand the laws of the road and how to stay safe at all times.

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