5 Things You Can Recover from a Product Liability Lawsuit

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We purchase a product with the hope and expectation it will make our lives better. We choose a brand as we trust that it is of good quality and it will serve the purpose and will function well as we use it. But what if in the course of doing so, there are injuries or accidents brought about by that product?

There is a product liability lawsuit in which lawyers for defective products can help you recover economic damages ranging from medical care, loss of capacity to earn, loss of wages, and loss of your ability to provide for the financial needs of your family. And there are non-economic damages as well which may include pain and suffering, mental and emotional stress, physical impairment, and loss of enjoyment of life.

If you had injuries because of a defective or malfunctioning product, you can file a product liability lawsuit with the help of experienced defective product lawyers. You will learn that manufacturing companies, distributors, and sellers can be held responsible in these instances or situations.

What are the damages one can recover from a product liability lawsuit?

One may think or feel that it is impossible, improbable, or unattainable for this to work in your favor. However, those who are responsible may be held liable based on the theory of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty to name a few.

Defective product injury lawyers will help you recover all the economic and non-economic damages associated with the product.

Damages usually include:

  • Medical expenses
  •  Hospitalization and treatments
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of income during recovery
  • Costs of continuing disability
  • Loss of support and services provided for the family

Defective product lawyers will consult and work together with medical experts and specialists to be able to determine the actual and long-term costs of the injury.

The non-economic damages because of the injury cannot be quantified but in some rare cases, punitive damages are awarded. The pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of quality of life will also be considered in the case filed.

Manufacturing companies may also be tried if they have acted with negligence and carelessness in the production or marketing of a product.

How can I win a product liability lawsuit?

The impression with this type of lawsuit is like a David and Goliath case. Reputation and credibility are top priorities of manufacturing companies or corporations. This may have financial repercussions not only during the filing of the case but also impacts the future of the company. They hire high-caliber lawyers that will defend them at all costs for any product liability allegations; with the objective that their name or brand will not be tainted. They are willing to spend corporate money and resources to do so.

This is the main reason you must get the best services from the best defective product injury lawyers with extensive experience. Someone you could trust who will work with and for you.

To win a product liability lawsuit will involve the study and research to identify the issues regarding product design, manufacturing of the product and safety warnings that the manufacturer failed to provide in the usage of their products. The risks involved in using their products must be clearly communicated, and if that is not the case, this could also be another factor in winning your case.

All these involve financial resources to immediately put your case in motion. Karns & Karns product liability lawyers provide you with the resources and expertise that you need to win your case. An investigation will immediately commence, many specialists will be consulted as the case may require medical and technical expertise. Completing the investigation and study at the earliest and fastest possible time will work best for you as the lawyer will have the time needed to prepare for the case.

Your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyers may discuss settlement in a pretrial period. If you think, with the advice from a lawyer, that this is just compensation, then there is no need to apply this in court. If you and your lawyer believe that you definitely deserve more, then a judge or jury will decide the amount of compensation that you should receive for all the economic and non-economic damages brought about by the product.

Ensure that your right will be respected by filing a product liability claim with Karns & Karns defective product lawyers. Take advantage of the free consultation, resources, and expertise of our lawyers to walk you through the process of winning your case and getting the maximum compensation that you deserve. This will help you lessen the pain and burden you are experiencing and recover and move on to claim back the life that you deserve.