A Guide to Bus Accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, known for its glitz and glamour, welcomes over 40 million visitors per year. With a booming tourism industry and a growing population nearing 2.3 million residents in the greater metro region, Las Vegas streets are constantly buzzing with vehicles, including public transportation buses.

While generally safe, accidents unfortunately still occur. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident in Las Vegas, this guide will provide an overview of key information you need to know regarding the incident, liability and fault, documenting evidence, filing an injury claim, and working with a personal injury attorney to help maximize your compensation.

Common Causes

Several recurring causes tend to result in bus collisions within Las Vegas and Clark County:

  • Driver Negligence – When a bus driver operates recklessly, drives distracted, fail to yield or makes improper turns, accidents often ensue.
  • Impaired Drivers – Intoxicated drivers make the roads more dangerous for everyone, including bus passengers.
  • Speeding – Excessive bus speeds reduce response times needed to prevent collisions.
  • Poor Maintenance – Lack of inspections or mechanical issues like faulty brakes can also lead to crashes.
  • Insufficient Safety Features – Metro buses lag behind other major cities in safety upgrades like cameras and sensors.

Determining Liability

Following an accident, liability must be established to determine which party or parties were at fault and to what extent. Common liable parties in bus accident cases include:

  • The Bus Driver – Recklessness, distraction, intoxication, and other negligence may leave the driver fully or partially liable.
  • The County or City – If poor bus maintenance, inadequate driver training, or lax safety protocols contributed, the municipality may shoulder blame.
  • Other Motorists – Drivers of other vehicles involved who exhibited negligence also hold liability.

Evidence Gathering

To build the strongest injury claim or lawsuit after a bus crash, promptly gather and preserve key evidence while details remain fresh, including:

  • Contact Info of Parties Involved – Record names, phone numbers, addresses, and insurance data for the drivers, witnesses, transit authorities, etc.
  • Photos of Damage, Injuries & Scene – Capture images of property damage, injuries sustained, and accident site conditions.
  • Police Report – This vital report contains officer diagrams, analysis, and interviews regarding fault.
  • Video Footage – Ask businesses, transit agencies, and others nearby for any useful video.
  • Vehicle Data – Mechanical systems or black boxes may reveal telemetry on factors like speed and braking.

Filing an Injury Claim

Those hurt in a bus accident should take key steps for securing potential compensation:

  1. Seek Medical Attention – Thoroughly evaluate and document crash-related wounds, get necessary imaging tests and diagnosis procedures done, and follow prescribed treatment plans to ensure no injuries are overlooked that may cause problems down the road.
  2. Notify Transit Agencies – Fully report all incident and accident details in written documentation to all bodies like the RTC of Southern Nevada as soon as feasible after the event occurring to properly log the crash.
  3. Contact an Attorney – An experienced personal injury lawyer from Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys intimately understands the nuances of liability laws, damage assessment, claim procedures, negotiating tactics, and other factors specific to successfully reaching maximum settlements for bus accident victims.
  4. Call Your Insurance Provider – Once you have spoken to an attorney, alert your health insurance provider to begin processing a claim for reimbursement if substantial medical costs are accrued that require reimbursement for financial stability.
  5. Submit Written Claim – Under legal guidance from your bus accident lawyer, formally file a detailed written injury claim or lawsuit against any and all potentially liable parties that both comprehensively outlines all damages experienced and establishes a case for appropriate financial compensation.

Hiring an Attorney

Due to complex state and federal regulations governing injury claims involving transit companies and municipalities, securing experienced legal counsel such as an experienced bus accident law firm like Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys, is highly advisable after any bus crash resulting in harm. A bus accident lawyer in Nevada can handle important responsibilities like:

Investigating Fault – They determine which party exhibited negligence contributing to the collision and to what degree based on evidence and expertise. An experienced attorney will leave no stone unturned in gathering facts about the accident through crash analysis, hiring reconstruction experts, issuing subpoenas, retaining private investigators, and more in order to fully understand fault and liability.

Assessing Damages – By tabulating and documenting all economic damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and property loss and calculating the worth of non-economic damages like pain, suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life, a skilled personal injury lawyer can advise on an appropriate settlement value demand that fairly encompasses the true extent of hard and intangible damages resulting from the crash.

Negotiating Settlement – Legal professionals adeptly utilize their deep knowledge, negotiation tactics, and leverage to secure favorable settlements from insurers and transit agencies prior to commencing depositions or filing a lawsuit – settlements that offer appropriate compensation without the time, stress, and uncertainty of trial. A bus accident injury attorney provides critical guidance on crafting a demand, participating in settlement meetings and mediation sessions and objectively analyzing any offers presented.

Trial Representation – In the event that pre-trial settlement offers fail to adequately cover established damages and harm from the incident, then pursuing jury-awarded compensation through state or federal court litigation becomes essential, even if the process proves lengthy. Seasoned litigators specifically trained in courtroom arguments, expert testimonies, evidence submission, and other trial techniques can greatly strengthen your chances of a favorable verdict.

By understanding key aspects of bus crashes in the Las Vegas region including common causes, liability determination factors, critical evidence needed, proper claim filing procedures, and the vital necessity of retaining skilled legal counsel, victims of these accidents—along with their families—can significantly better protect their rights and effectively access both public and private resources essential to ultimately recover complete and fair compensation for injuries, losses and damages suffered.

An experienced personal injury attorney from Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys is intimately familiar with local and state laws governing transit incidents can prove invaluable in guiding victims through initial evidence gathering, claim submissions, negotiations, and potential litigation in the aftermath of a crash.

No one anticipates being impacted by a catastrophic bus collision; but educating yourself on response protocols and rights advocacy resources now, before an accident strikes, provides citizens of southern Nevada with greater personal legal protection and empowerment if tragedy unfortunately occurs. Contact us today if this happens to you.

What Happens Next If You’re Involved in a Bus Accident

Bus accidents are more common than you may think. Despite extensive training and safety provisions for all drivers and vehicles, there are often times when an incident takes place regardless. If you are a pedestrian or driving a car, the effects for you will be major. Buses are large, commercial vehicles after all, and the weight factor alone is enough to create a devastating impact. Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys have some guidance for anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate circumstance.


Immediately After the Accident Takes Place

There are a few things to keep in mind immediately after a bus hits you. If you are a pedestrian, and your injuries aren’t preventing you from doing so, move to safety. Lying on the road puts you at risk of being hit again, and this could lead to loss of life. Phone 911 and ask for both police assistance and ambulance support. Make sure looking after your injuries is a top priority. There will be time to collect details like the driver’s name and license from the police report in due time.


The First Week After the Crash

Once a few days have passed, you are likely to be feeling a mixture of complex emotions. There is no way to tell how a serious accident like this will affect you both physically and mentally. The top priority is still to allow your body and mind to heal in the way it needs to. Rehabilitation is a core focus, but you will naturally be wondering why the accident happened and what life will look like from this point forward. There are various truths here to take on board. Bus accidents typically cause more serious injuries like catastrophic head trauma and severe breaks or fractures. You could be facing surgery, extensive medical input, and a chunk of time away from your professional duties.  The most important thing during this time is to make sure you are getting medical treatment and following the advice of your doctors.


Collating the Facts

The time will come, however, when it is appropriate to collect evidence and gather the facts of the matter. This will require professional input, and we are here to assist in any way that we are able to. What kind of things help when requesting compensation and further damages?


The Truth

How is the truth best represented? Through evidence, of course. If you have anything that can support what you are saying, now is the time to highlight it. This can be anything from a photographic documentation of your sustained injuries, images from the scene of the crash, details about damages to your vehicle, witness accounts from the day and time the incident took place, and even footage from local CCTV systems.


Finding Who’s to Blame

There are many reasons why a bus accident may come about. For example, there could have been neglect somewhere down the line when it came to vehicle maintenance. If repairs were avoided, or shortcuts were taken and a bus driver loses control, this is a common cause. What else might play a role?


A Lack of Professional Training

All bus drivers are required, by law, to pass certain qualifications and hold a special license. They must not operate their vehicles or take a role without one. These facts must always be verified by any hiring agency, and if it is the case that a driver was inexperienced then this is entirely actionable when it comes to compensation filing. Training is essential, and no driver should go out independently and operate a bus without feeling confident in their abilities to undertake the journey.


Third-Party Causes

There are also times when it is difficult to see who is at fault. This might be when the weather was particularly adverse, for instance, heavy rain or ice, or a third unspecified road user played a role in the collision. If this is the case, then compensation becomes a little trickier. Where there were unsafe driving conditions, the argument can be put forth that the bus driver should have made allowances and adjustments for it. Where there is another car involved, it could be claimed that they are wholly responsible. This is why the facts matter and a bus accident injury lawyer on our team will always get to the bottom of who was there and what happened to secure the best possible outcome for you.


Navigating Loss of Life

Bus accidents are a leading cause of death. If you have lost a loved one as a result of this type of incident, then you are in need of a wrongful death attorney here at our firm. Grief makes everything more intense and harder to navigate. Our professional approach is infused with compassion and experience so that you feel best supported when attempting to piece the puzzle back together and begin your healing journey.


For Drivers

Being hit by a bus while you are also driving on the road is scary. It can happen so quickly that you don’t have time to react, or you may see it coming but not be able to avoid it. You are likely to be facing damage to your vehicle, and injuries as well. Make sure you keep every single record and think about every fact of the incident so that you can bring out the truth and move forward.


For Pedestrians

Pedestrians are more likely to suffer graver consequences than car drivers because they are more exposed, and this type of incident means they are likely to feel the full blow of the weight of a bus. An experienced pedestrian accident law firm like us understands all too well the devastating impact of such a thing. It is imperative that pedestrians get the right advice and support post-accident, and that they don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve.

These types of accidents are some of the most dangerous in the whole world. Buses are big, heavy, and hard to stop once they lose control. Whether you have lost a loved one, or are affected as either a pedestrian or driver, our team is here to support and assist.

Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys are in California, Nevada, and Texas. Make an appointment to see how our team of professionals can help you today.