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What if you were seriously injured in a poorly maintained restaurant or store through no fault of your own ?


Were you the victim of
a poorly maintain store or restaurant ?

Every day we encounter unsafe conditions when we leave our Los Angeles homes, but what if you were seriously injured in a poorly maintained restaurant or store through no fault of your own? No matter whether you’re headed to Rose Ave. in Venice Beach to dine at one of LA’s hottest new restaurants, or you’re on your way to your favorite Koreatown BBQ joint, property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their property in a safe condition. Oftentimes sidewalks, grocery markets, restaurants, and retail stores, just to name a few, are not kept in a safe condition for their LA patrons. How many times have you walked into a public restroom only to find the floor soaking wet? When property owners don’t care about safety, an incident like a slip and fall accident can happen through no fault of your own.

The slip and fall lawyers at Karns & Karns have extensive experience in handling premises liability cases, also known as slip and fall accidents. Karns & Karns understands what it takes to prove LA property owners were negligent in slip and fall cases. Karns & Karns understands how to prove a property owner failed to maintain their property in a safe condition, and knew (or should have known) that their property was dangerous.

At Karns & Karns, we have the experience and know-how to handle every aspect of your case. We will be with you every step of the way. We are experienced Los Angeles trial attorneys with the resources to make sure a property owner is held fully accountable for the injury and damage they cause. We have helped our California clients find compassionate doctors, pay medical bills, and receive just compensation for pain and suffering. The lawyers at Karns & Karns have helped California victims recover significant and just compensation when they have been seriously injured by a negligent property owner, or have experienced the runaround from their insurance company.

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Karns & Karns is ready to handle your slip and fall lawsuit no matter where you are located in California. Give us a call at (888) 779-1180 or fill out our simple contact form and let us start reviewing your case. We’re here to help, and remember there is no fee until we recover!

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