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How Much Can Someone Sue for a Car Accident in Nevada?

Car accidents are devastating due to the injuries and damage they cause. They can also result in fatalities that permanently change the lives of families and loved ones. Victims and their families can sue to get compensated for injuries, different types of damages, and wrongful death. So, how much can someone sue for a car accident in Nevada?

Suing for Personal Injury in Nevada

Once you have decided that you will sue for personal injury and damages, the question becomes, how much can someone sue for a car accident in Nevada? There is no set amount you can sue for because every case and situation is different. Additionally, the final compensation amount will depend on how well your chosen road accident lawyer Nevada can convince the jury that you deserve the amount you are asking for.

Some cases can end up paying out a few thousand dollars, while others, such as where the victim has suffered permanent disability, might be worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Types of Damages

Victims can recover two main types of damages in Nevada car accident lawsuits. Compensatory damages, also called actual damages, compensate the victim for their loss of the harm done. They can include non-economic and economic damages.

Non-economic damages are intangible and, therefore, more difficult to prove than economic damages, which are tangible. Examples include emotional distress, reduced quality of life, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. Some examples of economic damages include lost wages, loss of future income, medical bills, and property damages.

Punitive damages may be awarded to punish the wrongdoer. They are sometimes called exemplary damages in Nevada and are meant to deter bad behavior in the future. In many cases, they are awarded if the at-fault party acted negligently and intended to harm or did not take measures to prevent harm. They might also face punitive damages if they engaged in fraudulent behavior, engaged in acts that led to unjust and cruel and unjust hardships, or willfully ignored the victim’s rights.

What Determines the Suit Amount?

One of the most significant determinants of how much to sue for is your medical bills. Medical and rehabilitation bills are typically very high in cases where the victim sustains severe injuries. Additional costs that a vehicle accident lawyer can factor into your settlement package include long-term care, medical equipment, ambulatory transportation, surgery, and prescription medicine costs.

Additionally, your attorney will consider future loss of income and additional medical costs. Experienced car accident lawyers in Nevada already know how to calculate this amount and will include it in the final sum because these are costs you can expect to incur in the future.

Property Damage

Another essential consideration is property damage. A car accident will likely damage your vehicle, bicycle, or motorcycle, depending on your chosen mode of transportation. Repairing the damaged property can cost a lot of money depending on what it is and the extent of the damage. For this reason, your road accident lawyer should consider the likely costs and include them in the calculations for your financial compensation.

In some cases, the property might be so damaged that it cannot be repaired. If this is the case, it is best to initiate negotiations with the other party’s insurance company with the help of a road accident attorney.

Loss of Income, Business Opportunity, and Earning Capacity

Sometimes the damages incurred are financial. The injuries sustained in a car accident can make it challenging or impossible to return to work, operate a business, or earn an income. The issue is further compounded if you are your family’s breadwinner. If you can demonstrate the injuries sustained in the car accident led to any of these situations or a combination of them, your car accident injury lawyer will adjust the amount they are asking for on your behalf accordingly.

Disability and Loss of Quality of Life

Disfigurement and permanent or temporary disability can change a victim’s life permanently. It can lead to a loss of income and a deteriorated quality of life. The latter happens when they cannot do the things they used to do or enjoy.

About Nevada’s Comparative Negligence Law

Nevada is one of the states with comparative negligence laws. In this state, you can recover damages as long as you are less than 50% liable for the damages that occurred. The court reduces the final awarded amount by the percentage of the victim’s fault.

For example, a personal injury attorney might sue for $1 million and you get awarded $700,000. However, the jury might also find that you were 40% at fault, meaning you will be entitled to 60% of the awarded amount or $420,000.

Filing Suit Against Multiple Parties

Nevada law allows victims and their automobile accident lawyers to file a suit against multiple parties. For example, you can sue a business and its driver if you are struck by a business vehicle driven by its employee.

Comparative negligence laws also apply here, but they can get complicated quickly. For example, both defendants can share different percentages of fault. However, the best car accident attorneys in Nevada can pursue compensation from one defendant and let them pursue the additional amount from the other defendant.

Proving Fault

Winning a car accident lawsuit in Nevada requires strong evidence. This can include GPS records, all recorded information that shows the time or intent, expert testimony, medical records, surveillance video, maintenance records, and eyewitness testimony.

The more evidence you and your motor vehicle accident lawyers collect, the stronger your case will be. Also, such strong evidence can help the parties settle without going to court and through the complete lawsuit process.

You can increase the chances of getting a better settlement faster by hiring the best car accident attorneys in Nevada to represent you. Such attorneys understand the negotiation process and will be ready to go to court if the negotiations break down. The other party might not want that, which can lead to a faster process and a higher final amount.

Knowing how much to sue for when filing a car accident suit is challenging because accidents and their surrounding circumstances vary a lot. However, you can better understand what to expect by hiring car accident attorneys at Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys. We have extensive proven experience winning significant settlements and compensation for our clients. Get in touch today.