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How Does Being in an Auto Accident Impact Mental Health?

Mental health is prone to decline after a highly impactful incident such as a car accident. It is difficult to ignore the fact that automobile collisions are extremely dangerous for both the body and the mind. Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys, an award-winning team of experts, understand the implications of an auto accident on mental health and continue to serve clients seeking justice.


Defining Auto Accidents

An auto accident is any event that involves a vehicle colliding with another vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist, truck, object, or motorcyclist. Thousands happen every day around the world and here in the USA. There are many causes, from drunken operators to speeding in wet weather, but whatever happens causes devastating consequences for those involved. Some emotional side-effects include extreme stress, tension, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and self-isolation. If you are struggling with any of these symptoms, a vehicle accident lawyer from our team can help you find a way forward.


Life Post Accident

If you have suffered because of a car accident, Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys are here to guide you through what comes next. Life post-accident is bound to feel different, and you are well within your rights to seek compensation for the damages and impacts. Getting in touch with a personal injury accident lawyer here is the best place to start the journey. Your mental health is an integral part of general well-being and should be prioritized at all costs.


The Danger of Psychological Consequences

One thing that remains clear is that the psychological consequences of vehicle collisions don’t always reveal itself right away. While the initial incident is likely to cause a fear response and panic, other things such as depression or anxiety attacks can come to the surface further down the line. This means that, although some people heal completely from the physical injuries, their mind is left scarred. This can influence everything and cause untold damage in daily life. Poor mental health makes it difficult to work, function, and socialize, which are three of the most important things for a human being to do.


The Most Common Mental Health Consequences of Auto Accidents

So, we have discussed the ways in which mental health can be affected, but now it is time to dive a little deeper into what that looks like and what it means for car accident victims.


Depression is a mental health condition that manifests in many ways. It could be brought on as a result of a catastrophic injury, for instance, a TBI. Traumatic brain injuries often change the way a person functions and influence everything from how they think to how they move. They have long-lasting consequences and may impede the individual’s ability to work. The fallout from this is low mood and feelings of hopelessness, which are characteristic of depression. In advanced cases, this condition makes it difficult to socialize and brings a risk of complete self-isolation.


Anxiety is a common affliction, but a serious one, nevertheless. Those with anxiety feel worried, stressed, and even afraid to do common things like getting back on a bus, driving again or even walking around outside in the world. Depending on what happened to you, anxiety will be personalized to those circumstances but can evolve into a more generalized disorder as well. Fear of vehicles is a typical after-effect of those who have lived through a car accident or lost a loved one in this way and is entirely driven by feelings of restlessness and worry.


Sometimes, anxiety can be intensified and lead to PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder is a very serious condition and can never be left unaddressed. Victims experience vivid flashbacks to the scene of the accident, intense panic attacks, hot flushes, sweating, insomnia, and intrusive thoughts. It is typical to experience some level of PTSD after going through something this grave. Our personal injury law firm will fight your case if you are suffering from PTSD, so don’t let that stop you from getting in touch.

General Transformations

Another negative consequence that is based around mental health is a victim who transforms into a different version of themselves. For example, before the crash took place, they were happy, outgoing, confident, and loved to be on the open road. However, an accident happens that changes them forever. Post-scene they are withdrawn, worried, fear-triggered, and do not want to go out at all. These changes are concerning, and they can be worked on through therapy or group support.


What Can Our Automobile Accident Lawyer Team Do for You?

The answer is simple. We will represent your best interests so that we can obtain the maximum compensation you deserve to regain control over your mental health after a car accident. We will provide initial advice about your specific circumstances which will include a starter conversation about what happened. This will enable us to tell you what your rights are and how to proceed legally.

What Next?

After this has been taken care of, it is time to get to work. The expert personal injury accident lawyer assigned to represent your case will do just that. This will include gathering evidence and ensuring any witnesses are spoken to as well. We will talk to insurance companies on your behalf to take that stress away and figure out exactly what you are owed in light of the situation at hand. Please discuss any and all symptoms of mental health you are struggling with, because everything is worth a conversation. The emotional toll of car accidents is just as relevant as any physical injuries you sustained and should be brought to the table equally.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident, hire our law team now. Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys have led the industry for many years and know exactly what to do to find justice for victims of these events. Don’t let your mental health go unchecked because it is an essential part of daily existence.