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Crazy! How Many Car Accidents Per Day in Texas – Latest Stats till July 2023

Texas is notorious for having some of the most congested roads and highways in the United States. This constant traffic inevitably leads to a high number of motor vehicle accidents every single day throughout the Lone Star State. So, just how many crashes are happening daily in Texas? The statistics are mind-boggling.

According to the latest data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), an average of one traffic accident occurs every 57 seconds in the state. That equates to around 1,680 crashes per day! And this daily accident average has remained relatively steady over the past decade, fluctuating only slightly year-over-year.

The vast majority of these Texas car accidents – about 70% – produce only property damage. However, some do unfortunately lead to injuries or fatalities. TxDOT statistics show that in 2022, one person was injured every 2 minutes and 9 seconds in a Texas crash. Even more troubling, one person was killed every 1 hour and 57 minutes. 48% of those killed were not wearing a seatbelt restraint at the time.

So, what’s behind these shockingly high car accident rates? For starters, Texas roadways see an enormous amount of traffic volume thanks to the state’s vast size and fast-growing population centers. In fact, three different Texas cities now rank in the top 20 nationally for worst traffic congestion: Houston sits at #12, Dallas sits at #15, Austin #20, and San Antonio #28. More vehicles on the road leads directly to more opportunities for crashes.

Excess speed and distracted driving have also contributed heavily to the daily accident tally. Law enforcement data indicates speed-related crashes account for a fair number of all Texas wrecks. And startlingly, distracted driving contributes to many Texas crashes annually, with 484 people killed in 2022. With more motorists seemingly unable to put down their phones, a lapse of attention behind the wheel remains an ongoing problem.

Weather issues also play a notable role in Texas’ scary crash statistics. The state sees more rainy days per year than any other state, except Hawaii. Wet roadways are inevitably more hazardous and reduce braking ability significantly. Flooded roads in storm conditions create even more risk. Winter ice or snow, though less common, can also lead to single-vehicle skids and multi-car pileups whenever a cold front blows through.

Alcohol also plays a part in many crashes, with 1,163 people killed in motor vehicle crashes caused by a driver driving while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol-related crashes account for 25.95% of all motor vehicle fatalities during 2022. Interestingly, alcohol-related crashes are more likely to take place between 02:00 and 02:59 than at any other time in a 24-hour period.

How Many Car Accidents Per Day In Texas?

So, which Texas cities are seeing the worst daily vehicle accident rates in 2023? Here’s a quick overview of the metro areas with especially frightening motor vehicle crash statistics:


In 2021, there were 67,045 recorded vehicle crashes. This equates to 183 crashes each day, or seven every hour. High insurance rates reflect the elevated risk locals face on Houston-area roads and highways.


As the 9th largest city in America, Dallas has no shortage of accident-causing congestion. In 2021, Dallas recorded 35,366 crashes, which equates to 96 crashes daily, totaling four per hour around the clock. From distracted driving to heavy storms, many factors drive up Dallas’ incident counts, but traffic congestion is a major factor.

San Antonio

While its roads aren’t as packed as Houston or Dallas, San Antonio still recorded 38,467 crashes in 2021, which equates to 105 crashes each day, or 4.39 per hour, according to TxDOT data. That means a crash takes place about every 15 minutes along the Alamo City’s busy thoroughfares.


Texas’ capital recorded 12,465 crashes in 2021, which equates to approximately 34 car crashes daily, so you’re never far from an accident scene no matter where you roam around town. Risky driving and packed highways are just some of the reasons why Austin can be a hazardous place to drive when you live or visit Texas.

Fort Worth

As the #13 largest U.S. city, Fort Worth roads are filled with risks for drivers and passengers alike. There were 14,679 recorded crashes in 2021, which is just under one a day. Numerous highway bottlenecks and construction zones contribute to the problem.

El Paso

In 2021, there were 15,624 accidents in El Paso, which is an average of 41 per day. This makes El Paso one of the more dangerous cities in Texas for drivers.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi isn’t quite as dangerous as the above cities, but it still recorded 7,998 car accidents in 2021. This means an average of 21 crashes per day occurred.

Any roadway you travel in the state of Texas poses considerable threats in terms of potential accident risks. No metro region escapes the vexing challenges of distracted motorists, overcrowded roads, wicked weather, and other crash-causing factors. So, all Lone Star State drivers are well advised to buckle up, follow the speed limit, drive defensively, and put the phone away. Staying focused on safe driving is truly a matter of life-or-death with so many accidents in Texas every hour of every day. Drive like your life depends on it – because it does.

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