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Defective Drug Attorneys

You should be able to feel safe taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs and trust that they will improve your health. However, unfortunately, sometimes, these drugs cause injuries and severe health complications. Our defective drug attorneys aggressively fight for victims of unsafe and defective drugs. We handle dangerous drug cases in California, Nevada, and Texas.​

We Fight for Individuals Harmed by Unsafe Drugs in Los Angeles California, Nevada, and Texas

Big pharmaceutical companies often push their new drugs into the market, aggressively advertise their benefits, and rake in huge profits. Unfortunately, they may downplay a new drug’s risks and side effects or conceal them altogether. Then, individuals taking these medications may face serious injuries, health complications, or even death. At Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys, we believe that you deserve justice if a defective drug causes harm.

Have you suffered injuries, severe side effects, or medical complications from a medication? Whether a prescription or over-the-counter drug, you have the right to pursue compensation for your damages.

At Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys, our bad drug lawyers fight for individuals harmed by dangerous and recalled drugs. We handle defective drug cases in California, Nevada, and Texas, and we may be able to help you too.

Our drug injury lawyers in Los Angeles provide a free case review to discuss your situation and potential legal options for seeking justice. Call us at (888) 779-1180 or contact us online to schedule yours.

What Are Some Common Defective Drugs?

We have the resources and experience to handle all types of dangerous drug claims. Recently, some of the most common defective drug cases include but are not limited to, cases involving:

  • Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) drugs, like Prilosec and Nexium
  • Xeljanz, which is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ulcerative colitis
  • Singulair, which is used to prevent asthma symptoms
  • Elmiron, which is used to treat bladder pain and discomfort associated with interstitial cystitis
  • Cancer medications like Taxotere
  • Weight loss medications
  • Diabetes medications
  • Eye lubricants, like EzriCare Artificial Tears


This list is not exhaustive. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or severe side effects from a prescription or over-the-counter drug, do not hesitate to contact our firm. Our dangerous drug lawyers are here to discuss your unique situation during a free, no-obligation consultation.

Health Conditions Caused by Unsafe Drugs

A defective drug is a medication that causes physical, psychological, or emotional injuries. Some medicines can cause serious harm and even death.

Dangerous drug injuries may result from a defect in the drug or due to incomplete or insufficient warnings about using the medicine. Examples of potential health conditions caused by unsafe drugs include, but are not limited to:

  • Birth defects
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Vision problems or vision loss
  • Blood clots
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Death


At Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys, we aggressively stand up to drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to fight for victims of harmful drugs. If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered a health condition caused by an unsafe drug, we are here to discuss your case.

Why Choose Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys for Your Case?

Our bad drug lawyers in Los Angeles have helped California, Nevada, and Texas victims recover fair and total compensation when a dangerous drug or a defective medical device seriously injures them. A few reasons why clients choose us to represent them for their defective drug cases include:

  • Our success. Our legal team has extensive experience handling bad drug cases across California, Nevada, and Texas. We work tirelessly for our clients to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their negligence. In fact, we have recovered more than $150 million for our personal injury clients in settlements and verdicts.
  • Our dedicated attention. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial devastation you may be going through. Our team provides the support and guidance our clients need throughout the legal process. We are available 24/7 and are here when you need us most.
  • Our aggressive representation. We have the experience and resources to take on powerful pharmaceutical companies. We have extensive trial experience and fight aggressively for our clients in and out of the courtroom to help them get the compensation they need and deserve.
  • Our payment structure. We work on a contingency basis. You do not owe any upfront costs for us handling your case. You do not pay us any fees unless we recover a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Do I Have a Defective Drug Case?

A drug may be defective due to design flaws, manufacturing defects, or inadequate risk labels and warnings. You may have a defective drug case if you have suffered harm from a prescription or over-the-counter drug. You must also be able to prove that the drug is defective.

We recommend contacting an experienced defective drug attorney from our firm to discuss your unique situation. Our team can review the circumstances surrounding your case and determine whether you may have a viable claim.

Our drug injury attorneys can investigate the harm caused by any prescription or over-the-counter drug, whether it has been recalled or not. We can review the facts of your situation, including the medication you were taking, your injuries or experienced side effects, and the drug’s impact on your health and quality of life. Then, we can determine whether the drug manufacturer should be held accountable.

If we believe you have a case, we will work with you to build a strong claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. Our goal is to help you get your life back on track and help you get the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

Contact Our Defective Drug Lawyers Los Angeles for a Free Case Evaluation

Have you suffered injuries or severe side effects from an unsafe medication? You may be able to pursue compensation from the drug manufacturer for your damages. Our attorneys are ready to discuss your situation, no matter your location in California, Nevada, and Texas.

We provide a free consultation to help you understand your best legal options for recovery and determine whether we can help you in your journey. Call our law firm at (888) 779-1180 or fill out our simple contact form and let us start reviewing your case.