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A Guide to Bicycle Accident Claims in Nevada

Riding a bicycle on Nevada roads and highways poses unique risks, but bicyclists have legal protections if they suffer injuries in a crash caused by a negligent motorist. Like other accident victims, injured bicyclists have the right to pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.

This guide covers key issues related to bicycle accident claims in Nevada, including fault and liability rules, the compensation bicyclists can recover, and the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit after a bike crash. With an understanding of Nevada bicycle accident laws and the claims process, injured victims can make informed choices about pursuing their best legal options with a personal injury accident lawyer.

Establishing Liability in Nevada Bicycle Crashes

As in other types of accidents, the concepts of fault and liability are central to bicycle injury claims. Nevada is a “comparative negligence” state, meaning bicyclists who share responsibility for causing an accident may still recover damages, but courts will reduce awards based on the bicyclist’s percentage of fault. However, if the court finds the bicyclist bore more than 50% of the blame for the crash, the bicyclist recovers nothing.

In bicycle accident court cases and insurance claims, Nevada accident injury lawyers investigate fault issues to build the strongest case possible attributing negligence to the driver. Sources for proving the motorist’s fault may include:

Police crash reports

Police crash reports provide official documentation of the accident circumstances from the perspective of officers arriving on the scene. Reports include statements given to police, factual assessments of vehicle positioning and damage, crash diagrams, and revelations about suspected causes drawn from physical evidence.

Statements from eyewitnesses

Eyewitness statements deliver critical insights into bicycle crashes from people personally observing the accident as it happens. An effective bike accident lawyer will identify and interview all possible witnesses at the scene while memories remain fresh, tracing vehicle paths before impact and closely examining external factors surrounding the incident.

Photographs and video from security or traffic cameras

Security camera and traffic video footage allows for precisely reconstructing the events leading up to collisions by capturing vehicles’ approaches before impact. Lawyers analyze timing, positioning, visibility, signals used, and other concrete evidence essential for demonstrating negligence and disputing questionable driver accounts contradicted on video.

Analysis by accident reconstruction experts

Specially trained accident reconstruction experts employ advanced photogrammetry, drone imagery, software modeling and investigative expertise interpreting physical evidence to scientifically determine crash causes and sequences. By explaining the technically complex factors producing crashes, reconstructionists provide opinion evidence attributing fault between parties.

Records of traffic citations issued to the driver

Traffic citations place the investigating officer’s authoritative legal judgment of blame for accidents on the driver’s violations of statutes protecting vulnerable road users. Citations become part of the driver’s permanent record, help suspension/revocation, raise insurance rates or even contribute proof of negligence if violations caused the bicycle crash.

Nevada law requires drivers to take special precautions around vulnerable road users like bicyclists and pedestrians. For example, the “three-foot rule” directs motorists to keep at least three feet of distance when passing bicycles. Drivers may face citations and civil liability for violations contributing to bike crashes.

Recovering Bicycle Accident Damages

Injured bicyclists often face staggering medical expenses for emergency transport, hospital and rehabilitative care, ongoing treatment, and prescriptions. At the same time, they lose income when injuries prevent them from working. These monetary losses—plus non-economic damages for pain, changed lifestyle, and diminished quality of life—may form the basis for the compensation sought in Nevada bicycle accident claims and lawsuits.

The precise value depends on the unique circumstances of each crash, the severity of injuries, insurance coverage amounts, and the policy limits available to satisfy claim settlements and court judgments. Working with an experienced Nevada bicycle accident lawyer from Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys helps injured cyclists and their families pursue maximum compensation through aggressive negotiations out of court or by skillfully arguing their case in the courtroom.

Statute of Limitations in Nevada

Nevada law strictly limits the timeline for starting a bicycle accident lawsuit after the date of the crash. For adult bicyclists, the Nevada statute of limitations allows just two years to file a personal injury claim. The clock starts ticking on the statute of limitations on the actual date of the accident causing the injuries.

Different rules apply for bicyclists under the age of 18. Minors who suffer bike crash injuries have two years from the date they turn 18 to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent driver.

An experienced bicycle accident attorney from Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys understands these deadlines and works promptly gathering evidence and building a strong liability case against the driver while memories are still fresh and witnesses available. By preserving the bicyclist’s legal rights early, we have the flexibility needed for full case investigation and settlement negotiation while keeping the courthouse doors open.

Why Hire a Nevada Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

After a Nevada bicycle crash, injury victims face physical trauma, emotional stress, lost income, and uncertainty about their legal position. They may struggle just focusing energy on recovery. In this situation, consulting an attorney who focuses exclusively on Nevada bicycle accident law brings important benefits:

  • Relieves stress dealing with insurance adjusters and complex legal processes
  • Thoroughly investigates liability facts with legal and expert assistance
  • Maximizes case compensation through assertive negotiation or litigation
  • Allows concentrating on healing while the lawyer protects legal rights
  • Provides personalized guidance at every step navigating the claims system

Bicyclists injured by negligent Nevada drivers can recover significant compensation—but only by understanding their legal rights and working with an experienced local personal injury attorney from Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys.

After suffering life-altering harm in a bicycle crash, focus first on healing—then seek legal guidance about Nevada claim rights. We will thoroughly investigate liability while passionately advocating for the highest possible compensation through settlement or litigation. Don’t leave money on the table dealing directly with insurers who exploit lack of expertise when negotiating inadequate payouts. Bearing overwhelming medical burdens alone also delays recovery. Contact the team at Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys today.

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