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8 Fantastic Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident or through the actions of another person, you are within your rights to sue for compensation for medical bills, related expenses, and other damages. Hiring a personal injury attorney has numerous benefits, the most important being getting the compensation you deserve, proportional to the damages you have suffered. In this article, we will explore why hiring a personal injury accident lawyer is the best decision you can make after suffering injuries.


They Are Experts in Personal Injury Law

A personal injury attorney is well-versed in personal injury law. They understand what they entail, how to file, how to navigate the different processes they entail, and how to represent you. They also know the different strategies they can use to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Unless you understand personal injury law, you might not fully understand your rights and how much your case is worth. However, the experienced Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys are knowledgeable in both areas and can ensure you get the maximum compensation possible.

Let a lawyer handle everything for you, knowing they will do a better job than you would have.


They are Expert Negotiators

Once you file a personal injury lawsuit, you can expect the other party’s insurance company to reach out with a compensation package. They do this to avoid an expensive and time-consuming court process. They also assume that you will accept the settlement if you are under financial pressure and need to pay your medical bills or handle other obligations.

You should not accept the first settlement because the insurance company or opposing attorneys will likely lowball you. Instead, let a personal injury handle the settlement proceed for you. Considering the facts of the incident and the evidence collected, they will determine how much your case is worth so they can negotiate from a position of power on your behalf.

They will use their negotiating skills and experience to secure a higher settlement than you might have received if you negotiated it yourself. Insurance companies are also more likely to offer a reasonable settlement and accept negotiated terms if they know they are dealing with an experienced accident attorney ready to take the suit to court.


They Will Protect You

The other party’s insurance provider or attorneys will do everything they can to try to transfer liability to you. They might say your actions caused the incident or blame you in other ways. Any missteps when they are doing this can turn the case against you, leaving you with no compensation or making you liable.

An experienced attorney will not let this happen. They will advise you on what to say and when to say it or do all the talking on your behalf. They will also put together evidence to show you cannot be liable for the incident, thereby rebutting any blame the other parties might try to place on you.


Personal Injury Attorneys Have Access to Expert Witnesses and Other Resources

Attorneys want to present a case that is as strong as possible to increase the possibility of a win. To do this, they access different resources, including medical professionals, investigators, and expert witnesses who provide crucial testimony and evidence during the lawsuit.

For example, your personal injury attorney can hire a medical professional to explain the injuries you sustained and how they will affect your life in the future. An accident reconstructionist can recreate the accident to determine how it happened and explain why the other party is liable.


They Work on a Contingency Basis

Lawsuits are expensive, with their expenses increasing the longer they go on. Top personal injury attorneys understand you may not have the funds to pay for your medical expenses, handle other financial obligations, and pay for their services at the same time. For this reason, they work on a contingency basis.

With this arrangement, you do not have to pay upfront and ongoing fees. Instead, accident injury lawyers are paid a percentage of your award or settlement after the case’s resolution.

Attorneys who work on contingency are motivated to ensure the best outcome for you because that means a good outcome for them, too. You also get peace of mind knowing a personal injury law firm and its lawyers are handling everything for you and that you only need to focus on recovery.

Contingency fee arrangements allow anyone to pursue compensation regardless of their financial situation.


They Will Handle the Legal Process and All the Paperwork

Dealing with all the details, procedures, and paperwork that a lawsuit entails is challenging, especially when you consider you will be doing it while recovering from your injuries. You also have to consider there are strict deadlines, including statutes of limitations, to keep.

Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys can file all your paperwork correctly and on time. Making a mistake when filing the required documents or missing a deadline when filing can jeopardize your case and can result in you not receiving compensation.


They Will Provide Guidance and Objective Advice

Making objective decisions following an accident is difficult, especially because your emotions will be running high at that time. The right attorney can provide biased guidance and advice to help you make the best decisions. You can trust that the advice they will give you will be objective and in your best interests because they want the best outcome for you.

Their vast experience dealing with similar cases means they have valuable insight into everything going on and can help chart the best course of action.


They Will Provide Adequate Representation

Many personal injury lawsuits end in out-of-court settlements. However, some of them proceed to trial. If yours does, you need adequate legal representation because you might not be able to successfully navigate the case on your own.

Their skills and knowledge ensure they can argue your case successfully and effectively, thereby increasing the likelihood that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

You do not have to contact a personal injury attorney when filing a lawsuit, but not doing so would be a mistake. It is best to let your attorney handle navigating the justice system, filing the right documents on time, and negotiating settlements because they will do a much better job. Doing so also allows you to focus on recovering, knowing your case is in the hands of an experienced professional.