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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Consulting With a Defective Medical Device Lawyer

defective medical device lawyers

One of the best things brought about by the advancement of technology are medical devices that are available used to prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses. These have been used to prolong and improve quality of lives.

The production of these medical devices is made by corporations for profit. Though some of these devices have been proven very useful, the drive to saturate the market and earn more profits makes companies take certain shortcuts from the regulations set in this industry. As there are also competitions among manufacturers, marketing and advertising strategies may not present the whole information of these products. Because of this, the same medical devices that are supposed to prevent, diagnose or treat illnesses may very well become the cause of worse illnesses for some patients.


So What Shall You Do If You Have Used A Defective Medical Device?

You have to take care of yourself and your family and the first thing that you should do is hire a defective medical device attorney.

Let’s review first what are the types of defective medical devices:

The usual impression and common misconception of defective medical devices refer to large implants like pacemakers. However, it represents a broad category which includes thousands of devices that a layman would never imagine.

Some devices that may malfunctions are:

  • Surgical instruments
  • Surgical staplers
  • Surgery robots
  • Heart valves
  • Pacemakers
  • Implants
  • IVC filters
  • Powered wheelchairs
  • Prosthetics
  • Hernia mesh
  • Birth control devices

These devices and thousands more can cause bodily injury, chronic conditions or even death.


How Can A Medical Device Be Defective?

Defective medical devices are recalled and the number is on the rise. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, software problems, mislabeled packages or instructions, manufacturing defects and high failure rates or a lack of sterility are the common causes for recalling a device.

Hundreds of thousands of complaints are filed every year and there are millions of injured and thousands of deaths in the US over the last decade.

As ordinary citizens, we put our faith in our doctors. And this blind trust includes all the drugs and medical devices that they use and recommend. But the number is on the rise with people becoming victims of these defective medical devices.

Top Medical Devices With The Most Injury Reports From 2008 And 2017 Are:

  • Hip Replacements
  • Sensor Equipped Insulin Pumps
  • Spinal Stimulators
  • Surgical Mesh
  • Implanted Insulin Pumps
  • Defibrillators

This may even be the tip of the iceberg as there are injuries and malfunctions that are not being reported by hospitals.

The FDA is supposed to regulate this but there are some workarounds where manufacturers could take a shortcut to market it to the unsuspecting public. Profit is the priority for these companies and this stand took lives and reduced the quality of life of patients.

And if you have experienced this, fighting for the injuries caused by these defective devices would not only mean getting compensation but also doing good for humanity.

You need to speak up, be heard, fight and hire the best medical device failure attorney.


How Do Defective Medical Device Lawyers Prove That A Device Is Defective

  1. Design Defect: The design of the medical device had a defect. Even if there is an awareness of the problem, they still continue to sell the product.
  2. Manufacturing Defect: The design is good but the problem roots in the manufacturing or production of the device.
  3. Marketing Defect: Incomplete or impartial instructions, warnings, or recommendations. This may cause the doctors or patients to use the device incorrectly.


Why Do You Need A Defective Medical Device Attorney

You have done and followed religiously what your doctor instructed you on the medical intervention that you need for you to feel better. Unfortunately, the result was otherwise. You now experience excruciating pain, health complications and over the roof medical bills.

We need you to be empowered and use this experience to have the strength and motivation to correct a wrong. When you hire a defective medical device attorney, you will be informed, enlightened, and advised on the best steps to get the compensation you deserve.


Process after you contact a defective medical device lawyers:

  • Review your case: After contacting your attorney, questions and your medical records and history will be reviewed to determine what are the possible grounds to use if you are a victim of a defective medical device.
  • Know your enemy: The opponents here are big manufacturing companies that have so much at stake and so much money at their disposal to win this case. Don’t despair, as the best defective medical device lawyer are committed and devoted to use all their resources, experience and knowledge to fight for you.
  • Claims and compensation: Your goal is to receive the maximum compensation you deserve considering the economic and non-economic damages that you have. This you can only do with the aid of your lawyer who is ready to file a defective medical device lawsuit in case the settlement offered is not acceptable to you (as determined and advised by your attorney.)

When To Contact A Defective Medical Device Attorney

Once you suspect and confirm that you or your loved one was harmed by a defective medical device, you need to immediately call a defective medical device lawyer. Time is of the essence and you wouldn’t want the statute of limitations to affect your case.

Call Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys at 877-557-4221 now so they can immediately get all the information, gather all data and evidence and start working for you.

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