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10 Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident at Work in Texas

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common workplace accidents in the United States. These accidents can happen for different reasons, including improperly trained workers, hazardous workspaces, and the employer’s negligence, among others. When they occur, they can cause injuries with varying degrees of severity. Every worker should know what to do in case of such accidents and the actions they should take before calling a personal injury accident lawyer.

Get Medical Attention

So, what happens if you slip and fall at work in Texas? The first step in any personal injury incident is getting medical attention. Even though your injuries might not be too severe, getting medical attention is vital for documenting what happened and getting all the details included in the incident report later.

This process also helps you prove that you sustained the injuries at work and not anywhere else because this is something many employers and insurance providers say to get out of compensating you for your injuries.

If available, you should get medical attention from an on-site medic hired by the company. They are required to document all incidents and injuries, so they are the best place to start. However, you should also consider outside medical attention for additional documentation.

Sometimes the person hired by the company might not include all the details to reduce the company’s liability, and you want to protect yourself in such incidences.

Document Your Injuries

Even though the medical professional who attends to your injuries will document them, it is always a good idea to do so yourself. The best evidence is photographic because that will clearly show your injuries. If you cannot collect this evidence, ask a coworker you trust to do it for you.

Document the Area Where the Accident Occurred

As you document your injuries, also document where the accident happened. Take photographs and capture video of the area and its surroundings to ensure you have a complete picture of what has happened.

The sad reality is that some employers will want the evidence gone as soon as possible to limit their liability and, therefore, the amount they pay you. They will try to rectify the issues that caused the slip and fall accident so that you have nothing to show to prove what happened. Collect evidence before they do this.

Collect Additional Evidence

The strongest additional evidence you can collect is eyewitness statements. Try to talk to coworkers who were present when the accident happened to capture what they saw. Do this as soon as possible because memories fade, and people can be coerced to change their statements after the fact.

If you can, collect audio messages and ensure the coworkers who choose to speak include their names and position.

Report the Accident

You should report all accidents and incidents to your immediate supervisor or someone in a managerial position so they can create an incident report. These reports are crucial for two key reasons.

One, they document how the accident happened and the extent of your injuries.

Second, they provide a paper trail that becomes crucial when you file for worker’s comp or would like to pursue other legal measures against the company and someone you deem negligent and the cause of your injuries.

Follow up to ensure the report is filled correctly, and then get a copy to keep for yourself. You might need it later if your personal injury accident attorney deems it necessary to build a case.

Negotiate Worker’s Comp

If the resulting investigations show that the company is liable for your accident and subsequent injuries, you are entitled to worker’s compensation. It is typically provided by a third-party insurance company.

Your immediate supervisor or the insurance company’s representative likely will reach out with a compensation package. You should go through it and see if you can negotiate it to your benefit.

Hire an Attorney

In some cases, the company may deny your worker’s compensation application or delay it. If you have medical bills to pay and need the money quickly, you can hire a personal injury law firm to handle the issue for you. An experienced slip and fall injury attorney Texas will look through the evidence you provide and the circumstances surrounding your injury and ensure you get compensated.

File a Lawsuit

The law also allows you to file a lawsuit if you think another party was negligent and their actions caused the accident. For example, you might have evidence that your supervisor knew the floor was uneven but never took action. As a result, you slipped or tripped and fell, causing severe injuries.

If you decide to file a lawsuit, you should only work with an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer Texas who has experience representing workers injured on worksites. They will know what evidence to collect, who to talk to, and how to negotiate on your behalf so you get the best compensation package possible.

Take Time Off

Many employers pressure employees to get back to work as soon as possible following an accident. This can be a bad idea. Why? Because an employer can use this to show your injuries are not as severe as you say. Unless you have enough evidence to show the extent of your injuries and have documented permission to go back to work, consider taking time off.

Many employers will allow you to do this because they do not want additional liability by forcing you to work injured. If not, talk to your lawyer to understand what the law says in such cases.

Avoid Talking About the Incident on Social Media

It can be tempting to talk about your injuries on social media, but this is not always the best option. The reason is that your employer might consider it defamatory and a way to ruin the company’s reputation. Avoid talking about what has happened until after you have received your worker’s comp, have concluded the lawsuit, or have found another job.

Remember, you do not want to give your current employers something else to use against you while actively trying to get compensated.

Slip and fall accidents happen more often in workplaces than most people imagine. When they do, workers need to understand the steps they need to take to protect themselves, ensure they have the best representation, and get the best compensation possible for their pain and suffering. If you have been injured at work, contact Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys today.