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Were you involved in a serious boating accident?

California is a outdoor paradise, and whether you are an avid recreational boater or make your living on the water, you may find yourself involved in one of the hundreds of boating accidents that occur in Southern California each year.  If you’ve been injured as a result of one of these incidents, you need a team who is well versed in maritime law on your side.

As the number of people who use California’s waterways for boating and fishing has increased, so too have the number of boat accidents and boat injuries.  Boat accidents can occur on various vessels, including recreational boats, commercial boats, jet skis or other personal watercraft, and cruise ships.  Boat accidents can result in severe injury, disappearance of a passenger, damage to a boat, or even death.

The boat accident lawyers at Karns & Karns are familiar with state, federal, maritime, and admiralty law to help you fight for just compensation for a boat accident injury.  We believe a boat driver, as captain of the ship, is responsible for their passengers.  If a boat driver is negligent, they must be held responsible for the personal injuries they cause.

With doctor appointments, medical bills, getting your boat or personal watercraft fixed, and missing work, not to mention dealing with maritime insurance companies, we understand how a boating accident can turn your life upside down.  The boat accident lawyers at Karns & Karns have the experience and know-how to handle every aspect of your case.  We will be with you every step of the way.  We are experienced trial attorneys ready to make sure a negligent boat owner who causes an accident is held accountable for the injuries and damage they cause.

We have helped our clients find great and compassionate doctors, pay medical bills, receive just compensation for pain and suffering, avoid financial troubles while they are unable to work, hold responsible parties accountable for their actions, and obtain fair property damage settlements.  The boat accident attorneys at Karns & Karns in Los Angeles have helped seriously injured clients recover significant and just compensation for personal injury claims involving boat accidents, family members who have needlessly suffered because of boating-related wrongful death, or those clients who have had difficulty in making their insurance company play fair.

Karns & Karns is ready to handle your boat accident lawsuit no matter where you are located in California.  Give us a call at (855) 99-KARNS or fill out our simple contact form and let us start reviewing your case. We’re here to help, and remember there is no fee until we recover!

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